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No games scheduled. Please call for the latest information.

League Rules
Monday, May 2, 2016 12:55:13 AM

General Rules and information

1. Goal Height
8U and older 10 feet

2. Ball Size
Boys NCAA and older Regulation 29.5
Boys 10U and younger 28.5
All girl divisions 28.5 

3. Free Throw Distance 8U and older 15 feet

4. Duration of Game 
8U - 2 (12-minute half’s)
10u & NCAA - 2 (14-minute half’s) 
Highschool - 2 (20-minute half’s)

*One 2-minute overtime period. The 2nd overtime will 1 minutes.

5. Time Outs - 3 full time out per game | 1 time out if overtime. 

6. Clock Management Clock will stop for:
Time outs
last 2 minutes 1st half | last 2 minutes 2nd half | last 1-minute overtime

**** There will be a running clock when there is a 20 point or will stop when down to 15 points. ****

7. Bonus Free Throws
One & One free throws are to be shot on the opponent's 7th team foul each half. Double Bonus free throws are to be shot on the opponent’s 10th team fouls of each half.

8. Uniforms All players shall have matching color shirts with a legal basketball number on the front (4”) and back (6”) with no two players having the same number

10. Forfeit Time
The game time will start 10-minute clock!! this is your grace period will to be allowed. After 10-minute clock game is over. If team makes it in time, then team will play remaining time left in the half.

11. Warm-ups Games will have a warm-up and half time of 3 minutes (Officials discretion if game is behind schedule).

12.Technical Fouls
*Technical fouls can be called on players, coaches, parents and fans.
*If a player or coach receives two technical fouls during a game, that player or coach must leave the gym for the remainder of the game. Two such ejections during the season will result in suspension for the remainder of the season.
*Three technical fouls called on a team during a game will result in a forfeit. (Technical fouls against spectators will not count for forfeiture, but will result in 1 free throw shot.) 
*Technical fouls will result in 1 free throw shot.

13. Flagrant Fouls 
Flagrant fouls involving players will result in 2 free throw shots awarded to the opposing team and possession of the ball. 
*** Player misconduct will result in player ejection from the gym along with the parent(s) and 1 game suspension. 
If a player has 2 ejections during the same season, that player will be suspended for the remainder of the season. ***This also applies to the parents. ***

Team Bench 
Only two coaches and team members are allowed on the bench during the game. Failure to comply will result first in a warning, and then a team technical will be assessed. Team followers are required to be at least 10 feet from the team bench unless gym situations dictate otherwise.

Scorer's Table
The only people allowed at the scorekeepers table during the game are: 
 Coaches of the game in process 
 Players of the game in process 
 Age division coordinators
 Parents from each team that are running the table.

2016 Spring Bragging Rights Basketball League
Thursday, January 22, 2015 3:40:43 PM

Welcome to the 2016 spring season.?

The focus of this league is to help teams get ready for the summer season. Our league is the best place to get develop team chemistry and play against talented teams. Games are played during the week so you do not have to miss any tournaments.


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